Institutionalizing Quality
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A five year quality initiative by some of the field’s most innovative implementers to catalyze the adoption of high-impact community health systems design. We:

1. Identify practices that lead to quality care delivery

2. Accompany partners to adopt those practices

Key Insights

Key Insights


CHWs can contribute to advancing universal health coverage, but only if they are set up for success via integration into well-designed and adequately funded health systems.

Yet, several operational questions are unresolved by current academic evidence. The Coalition’s member organizations—each of whom have developed high-impact CHW programs with governments and communities across the globe—came together to identify insights from their implementation experience.

The Coalition has attempted to summarize these areas in a series of design principles that, in their experience, drive programmatic quality and are debated or not commonly found in programs across the globe.



Further articulating and universalizing an operationally specific quality standard demands a broader coalition. The Coalition is working with the entire community health eco-system to create an enabling environment for quality, refining and institutionalizing these principles over time.

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Fortnightly Community Health Research Round-Up

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The Community Health Impact Coalition curates a fortnightly update on newly-released community health worker papers. To see the issue archive click here.

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Updated Program Functionality Matrix for Optimizing Community Health Programs


How to cite this TOOL:

Ballard, M., Bonds, M., BureY, J., dini, h.s.f., Foth, j., furth, r., Fiori, K., Holeman, I., JACOBS, T., Johnson, A., KURESHY, N., LYONS, J., Malaba, S., Palazuelos, p.,Raghavan, m., Rogers, a., Schwarz, R., ZAMBRUN, J. (2018) chw aim: upDATED PROGRAM FUNCTIONALITY MATRIX FOR OPTIMIZING COMMUNITY HEALTH PROGRAMS. doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.27361.76644

The Program Functionality Matrix tool can be used to improve CHW program quality. To identify and close gaps in CHW program design and implementation, please fill in the information below and press "Download Tool Now." [Aussi disponible en français]

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Practitioner Expertise to Optimize Community Health Systems

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How to cite this report:

Ballard, M., Schwarz, R., Johnson, A., Church, S., Palazuelos, D., McCormick, L., Sall, E., Fiori, K. (2017) Practitioner Expertise to Optimize Community Health Systems: Harnessing Operational Insight. Retrieved from: doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.35507.94247.


To learn more about the design principles and how high performing implementers have solved tough delivery challenge, please fill in the information below and press "Download Report Now." [Aussi disponible en français]

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