Practitioner Expertise to Optimize Community Health Systems

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Ballard, M., Schwarz, R., Johnson, A., Church, S., Palazuelos, D., McCormick, L., Sall, E., Fiori, K. (2017) Practitioner Expertise to Optimize Community Health Systems: Harnessing Operational Insight. Retrieved from: doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.35507.94247.


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Updated Program Functionality Matrix for Optimizing Community Health Programs


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Ballard, M., Bonds, M., BureY, J., dini, h.s.f., Foth, j., furth, r., Fiori, K., Holeman, I., JACOBS, T., Johnson, A., KURESHY, N., LYONS, J., Malaba, S., Palazuelos, p.,Raghavan, m., Rogers, a., Schwarz, R., ZAMBRUN, J. (2018) chw aim: upDATED PROGRAM FUNCTIONALITY MATRIX FOR OPTIMIZING COMMUNITY HEALTH PROGRAMS. doi: _____

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